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What does the future hold for the distribution & marketing of Australian films? In this report, showcased on this Tumblr site, we’ve discussed what the current trends are in 2011 and what likely may be in 2020 and beyond. It is an ever-changing and important arena that must be understood by aspiring filmmakers and media practitioners.

Produced by Third Year Media students (Ned Considine, Sarah Furnes, Rosie Holden, and David Ludlow) at RMIT University, the report provides a useful introduction to the state of the Australian film industry. It was designed as a practical insight for graduating film and media students in helping them understand how Australian films are likely to be distributed and ‘sold’ in the years ahead.

The report also includes recent case studies, industry interviews, a close examination of online distribution, and the shifting role of the Producer. We as final year Media students have formed our own conclusions, but this resource is importantly designed to equip users with insights that will allow them to also form their own conclusions and potential innovative strategies.